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Really long and very detailed dreams: Japan splitting apart, trapped in the middle

Last night I had one of those really long and very detailed dreams. Upon waking I typed it up and sent it off to Ben, since he was in it too. Below is what I wrote to him (as a description of the dream itself):

Great, I have a dream with you in it and it turns out to be more of a nightmare.

We're in Japan visiting various places when semi-violent quakes start affecting the place almost non-stop. This goes on for several minutes before it dawns on you that you've heard of scenarios like this where almost non-stop quakes precede an island break into pieces. You then urge everyone around us to seek shelterv in a tornado shelter, which the lower half of our hotel/hospital just so happens to be. You lead the way back, even as the quakes subside for a while. We end up going through a carneval before we find signs for the shelter in the carnevall (the place is actually in the middle of said grounds). blah blah blah, a couple of other minor things happen.

We get there, go 'down' to the shelter, and find a giant room with stairs and platforms on the sides, with hot tubs and cooling tubs on the platforms. A dozen of them split all over. We quickly pick out one for ourselves, as does everyone else who followed us.

It turns out that Sarah Palin was in the group of people, and she has a white board with several drawings of the earth on it. She attempts to tell some sort of bible story to prove that you don't know what you're talking about, but no one really believes her.

The earth starts to shake again, and the sirens start to go off. It's dark outside and lights on the siren towers start to rotate (four lights, each at 90 degrees). I look beside us, toward the wall and there is a window where I can see all this, and a courtyard below. I question how safe our location is if there is a window right there, but you assure me that's perfectly safe.

The night goes on and the shaking continues. It begins to rain. We all sort of drift off and on. At one point I notice the shaking has stopped and the rain has stopped. The courtyard below and nearby builds make a really nice scene so I pull out my phone to take a picture, but by the time I get it out and ready to take a picture it is light out and the scene is no longer so pretty.

You're up as well now, and I comment how the water level (you had commented, before nodding off, that what we need be concerned about is if the water level rises too high then we ended up on a section of the island that actually split from the rest and is sinking) is just below the window. You remark that that isn't too bad, when I turn to look out the window again and it's above the window now. I ask what we're supposed to do now, and you say we wait, for someone to rescue us.

It's at this point I wake up.

At some point you had asked what my plans were in regard to something, something involving a long-term commitment. I can't remember the exact scenario or words, though. I thought about it a moment, asked exactly what you were referring to, then said yes and remarked that you were being silly for doubting I would want to.

I'm still trying to figure out how Sarah Palin made it into my dream, but whatever. No one took her seriously and she wasn't in a position to annoy anyone, so she just faded away from focus after that.

And to note, some part of it once we got to the shelter was kind of romantic. Not sure of the exact part, but it was. :)
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