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Gospel Music has that siren quality; Persecution of Christians?

My taxi driver said something about music, and I must have misheard (not uncommon) as I thought he said classical music, but on came gospel country music.

Gospel music has that siren-beckoning-on-the-rocks quality. It offers a solution for all your problems using nothing but sweet lyrical words. Songs to comfort your fears about death, songs to comfort you if all your friends think you're doing the wrong thing, songs to remind you to stop and think about your problems and be patient before acting on them. It's really quite ingenious the way it all works to wrap up everything in a nice easy pill.

Maybe there is something more there beyond the sugar coated pill of human decency and respect, but it's still mostly a guide for getting along with your fellow humans, without killing them (hopefully).

PS: (might as well inflame a few more people while I'm on the subject) The only Christians being persecuted in the US are the ones that demand others do what they want (also known as slavery). Sure, a few extreme cases may pop up now and again where one of them is wrongfully stopped from expressing their beliefs, but the 1st amendment is just as much for them as it is for everyone else. And don't you dare take persecution of Christians in some foreign country as a reason to act persecuted here.
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