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Stupid Credit *grumbles grumbles*

Why is it that every utility wants to do a credit check, yet not a single one I've paid on time for the past three years shows up on my credit report? Not a single blurb of 'utilities paid always on time' or anything. Of course there's no negative action, but that's not good enough to show I can pay on time.

Or are they just hiding that from me, given that I'm the consumer and not another utility or creditor?

The credit report also doesn't have most of my addresses on it. Should I bother trying to get the big three to list all my addresses, or is it just a waste of time since I don't use credit cards?

I got denied for a gas company yesterday, so I figured this would be a good time to review my credit. Only Equifax returned it online, and the other two are saying I have to call or mail to get my free yearly credit report. I did discover that Cox Communications in Las Vegas never removed their mistake from my credit. It actually shows as PAID, as if I was ever at fault. They're the ones that lost my last check in their system, and I sent them a copy of the cashed check several times before they finally found it.
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