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Yesterday (Monday): Beginning of a crazy busy week

This week has been packed, will continue to be packed, and it's only Tuesday night now. Below is a recount of Monday, written last night.

Stayed up way too late last night. I seemed to have a bout of insomnia or something, as I didn't get to sleep until well after 1am. I woke up around 6:30am, then set the alarm for 7am, then without even seemly realizing it the alarm was going off again. 7am. Got out of bed, hit the shower, etc etc. Rain, lovely. Except not even drizzling. Rode the bike to the station. On the way to work I listened to Reason magazine pod casts I had downloaded last night to my phone. I also registered Ben and myself for Penguicon and reserved a room at the hotel.

Got to work, grabbed breakfast to-go from the cafeteria before they closed at 9:30. 15 minutes later my calendar reminds me I had a face-to-face interview in 15 minutes. Inhaled half the food while printing off the guy's resume, my interview questions, and what-not. Waited for the room to empty of its previous two occupants.

Interviewed him for about 45 minutes then talked about the interview with the co-interviewers. blah blah blah

Sat down and programmed for about an hour.

Talked to the new boss about taking off Thursday. Got lunch to-go from the cafeteria around 12:45pm. Barely sat down and cut up the food before the calendar reminded me I had another meeting in 5 minutes. Went to that for an hour.

Programmed for another hour.

Went to the cafeteria to start handling personal business. Registered for Google I/O. Called the Dragon*Con hotel which re-sent the confirmation email with the correct information (her screen said it was what it was supposed to be, no idea why the email said otherwise). Called a moving company (Thursday some time between 2pm and 5pm, minimum of 3 hours). Called the Bed & Breakfast but only left a voice mail. Called the power company and set up service (the Bed & Breakfast called back and left a voicemail confirming the reservation and CC details). Hung up on the "All Connect" people they forwarded me to for other services. I have no idea why they wanted my driver's license number, but I wasn't having any of that. Called another gas company, which gave me a "We can call you back when it's your turn in 20 minutes" so I had them do that while I called Comcast directly. Initially scheduled that for Thursday between 11am and 2pm, but would have to be there to let them in. The 2nd gas company's return call messed up and got disconnected. Called them back and got a "we can call you in 35 to 40 minutes" and did so, but never got a return call from them.

Went back to my desk and started looking up teaching resources and touch a little code for a little while. Left my desk a little after 6:15.

Called back Comcast on the way home and rescheduled the activation of the transfer to the new place for Friday between 8am and 11am.

Now I'm cramming to plan my tutorial meeting tomorrow, and maybe get more work done on the freelance project.

Umm, yep. That was my day.

I need to invent a time machine, or find a pocket of time-space outside of this continuum so I can catch up on everything.

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