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Happy how I am: Failure to Pigeonhole

Today I got into a back and forth rapid response with a department at work. They're trying to push me through their standard form process, but I don't pigeonhole very well. Entries required certain fields or the form couldn't be completed. But not all entires have those fields. So use the one 'xyz' from. But not all of them had 'xyz'. So use their 'abc'. But not all of them were 'abc'.

In the end I removed two of the four entries from the form and let them know that I removed them, as entering anything just to get them to be accepted could be considered falsifying information. *rolls eyes* We'll see how they handle the slimmer, lighter version of my data. *rolls eyes* Whatever. Some things need to get used to the fact that not everything fits the mold they're used to anymore.
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