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Updates from Work

I haven't written anything in a while so now that I have a few minutes on the bus I figure I'll take a moment to breath, introspect, and write.

My job decided to convert me to a permanent employee, even knowing that I plan on moving to Seattle around late spring or early summer of next year. The conversion was anything but smooth, but seems to be finally complete now. I received my last paycheck from the contracting group and first paycheck from the company on the same Friday (bi-weekly paycheck periods split in half).

At work I continue to get split in half a dozen directions. I've managed to keep up with each one, for what feels like barely, but at least they're all interesting things to be done.

  • They have me doing weekly self-study guided lesson meetings, teaching PHP, Zend Framework, and eventually JavaScript/jQuery. Tomorrow will be week 4 (or 5?) of 10.
  • I'm also re-architecting the project I work on to be more automated in as many ways as are feasible. They need a system that can scale to hundreds, if not thousands, but what they have so far takes a monumental effort to expand it to even one more. The deadline for that is some time within the next month or two, tops. They're getting other team members off the legacy system (my new term for it now) and helping out on the new system now.
  • Which leads me to my next major point, something on the horizon, is breaking the new system up into workable chunks that can be assigned to other people. That's touched on a couple of weeks ago, but has become a major focus for me this week. In theory I can't do all of it by myself, which would be a stretch in the time frame given, so I have to figure out what parts remain and who can do them. We have team members who are major Java developers so they know the theory, if not the specifics of PHP, and we have people who are relatively green behind the ears in PHP and are still learning the OOP aspects.
  • Any time someone needs some help with PHP, Zend Framework, Apache, MySQL, or just stuff in general they ultimately come to me. This tends to break up my day a good bit more, but I enjoy helping them out so it's not bad most of the time.

There's more stuff going on, but that's enough for one entry. It will only be a few more minutes until the bus gets to my stop so I don't want to get in the middle of anything else or I won't post this before this evening. I plan on doing one of those '10 days' memes soon too.

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