Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Wisconsion Senate Republicans and Governor are petty

The Wisconsin governor is threatening to lay off 1500 people if at least one of the democrat senators don't return by the weekend. I ask this of you: How many more will ultimately be laid off if one does return, and will those be justified because the job no longer serves a purpose, and how many will just be to 'save' money because they don't want to lessen how much is put into grants, committees, and special projects that ultimately line their pockets?

Everything I've heard the Wisconsin senate and governor threaten so far has been petty, hollow, or, worse yet, inconstitutional. Threatening to fine 100$/day for being missing is inconsequential to their incomes, even at 40 business days missing (two calendar months). Theatening to put the state police on them is also hollow, as they're not even in the state police's jurisdiction. On top of that it could be inconstitutional, which will only return to hurt them.

I don't even know the real issue at stake here. Just the tactics I hear being used seem ... wrong.
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