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State of the Writer: Home; Freelance; Phone; Relax

Life is going alright right now. Ups and downs at the same time make it difficult to be negative or positive, but overall things are okay.

Yesterday Ben and I went to Costco to get a mattress set. The closest one didn't seem to have any Queen sizes (plenty of King and Full) so we called over to another one. I had to sign up for a Costco membership because the amount I had pulled out of the ATM wasn't enough to cover the set, and they only accept cards from members. We got it home and set up just fine.

Except, when I got out of the truck back home my phone fell from my lap high in the truck straight down to the asphalt, glass-first. It cracked a good 1/3 of the screen toward one corner, but it didn't shatter or bust out, thankfully. The touch aspect still works too. I couldn't find my clear packing tape so I put a few rows of scotch tape over it (which still allows the touch functionality to work even if the screen is a little fuzzy now), turned off all the vibrate functionality I could, and am hoping it doesn't break apart. I found a replacement glass screen online for 65$, although it'll take about 1 to 2 hours to take the phone completely apartment, replace it, and put it all back together again. Still better than paying for a completely new phone or having to send it in for a week to get fixed.

The freelance project is nearly over. The last two biggest front-end impact items were done late this morning, among many minor and medium level items, so they'll probably begin testing today. I should have the last few changes done tonight, finish up the data conversion scripts, and be finished with any last fixes or tweaks the testers find by this weekend.

The plan is to spend this upcoming weekend at Ben's place, given that he has spent most of the last few weekends at mine, partially or primarily. While there? Probably nothing but playing games, eating, or generally anything that resembles not-work.
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