Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Government Shutdown, Please

I'm going to be disappointed if we don't have a government shutdown next week. No offense to mai_neh or any other government workers I know that would be affected by a partial or full shutdown.

Any extension the GOP wants at this stage is a losing proposition. Cutting both revenue and spending leaves us no closer to a balanced budget, and aiming certain social services (instead of also cutting subsidies) as the first thing to cut is hardly the way to go. That will just give corporations more power and citizens less. To top it off, they still want to fund the, by far, largest item on the menu for the next half a year.

No, maybe if the government shuts down we'll stop relying on it for everything.

Here's an idea. Only vote on and fund line items as they're determined critical, and anything left over at the end just doesn't get funded until next year. It's bound to fail in one way or another, but getting everyone to agree on everything just isn't going to happen in a way where someone (mainly the very citizens we're talking about) doesn't get completely left out in the cold. As that is what the hard-line GOP/Tea Party members want.
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