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Tablet Time - Decisions, Decisions

With the recent flood of Android 3.0 Tablets I've become very interested in getting one. It would replace my ASUS Eee PC for traveling back and forth to work, mostly to read my feeds and surf the web on (tether to my phone). The only problem is deciding which one to get.

Acer - Iconia Tablet / 10.1" Display / 16GB Storage Memory / NVIDIA Tegra Processor
Motorola - XOOM Tablet Wi-Fi
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

Right now I find myself mostly attracted to the Acer one, although the ASUS one has two USB ports which might be nice, but isn't a huge deal. Both have microSD slots, both have almost the same stats. The Acer one does tout a graphics card (how good is a decision left up to the reader).

Decisions, decisions...
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