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Bathroom Horror Stories

The bathrooms at my job are all very nice. The stalls have not one but two toilet paper dispensers, and each have a reserve roll. I have never seen the paper seat covers run out in a stall. The only thing I've seen functionality 'wrong' is that occasionally one of multiple paper towel dispensers will run out of paper but that doesn't stay true for long.

Despite that, though, I still get a regular number of horror stories. Just yesterday I encountered two.

The first of which is fairly minor, but still annoying. There were already two guys in the upstairs bathroom, one at the sink and one at the urinal, and they were talking very loudly. This isn't a large bathroom, so any noise gets echoed and reverberated so it actually sounded like they were enthusiastically yelling at each other. What's most interesting is that the one at the urinal was busy telling the other how his (I'm guessing dog...) was on special food that made the dog poop all the time all over the place, but that it was dry poop like pellets. o.O Seriously?

The second instance is much more horrifying, though. I'm sitting on the toilet minding my own business, the only one in the bathroom, when someone else walks into the bathroom. They beeline for the other stall and not more than a few seconds after I hear the door lock I hear a grunt and a 'plop'. A couple of seconds later I hear the toilet automatically flushing (which takes a couple of seconds to engage...) and their door unlocks. This was followed by half a second of water running and no automatic soap dispenser sound. By this point I'm finished with my own business and head for the sink. To my surprise he's not drying his hands off as if he's made even a token effort to wash them, but is instead messing with his hair. So, he probably didn't wipe, he didn't wash, and he's messing with his hair. Eww...
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