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High-Profile Thievery

Another high-profile application has done an upgrade and, along with new features or an updated UI, started requesting insane permissions. When it first comes out a lot of the comments complain about it, but as time goes on (weeks, months) less and less people are writing comments about it, and most just complain about the UI change.

Mint has done upgrade to their financial application which now requests the ability to directly call phone numbers.

The previous offender was (and still is) The Weather Channel's application. It wants permissions to read and write SMS messages, send SMS messages, and to directly make phone calls.

There is no justification for either of these applications to have these permissions. It still surprises me the number of people who seem to be accepting these permissions. As it stands I won't be updating these applications, and if they ever disable the old version I'll just uninstall them.
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