Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Daily Confession: Creative in Unusual Ways

I can sometimes be creaive in very unusual ways. Take for instance last night, there were two times I for to be creative. One was when a toilet got clogged and no one had a plunger. Instead of just letting it sit until we got to a store I picked up the toilet bowl cleaning brush, stuck it as far into the bottom of the toilet as it would go down, then started shoving it in and out a few times until water started flowing again. The other time was when a wall furniture kit came with screws in a wall mounting screw, but only the screw was needed. No pliers were to be found, so instead I took out the bit from a drill, stuck in the two pieces, and then tightened it down so a screwdriver could get it out.

It's not very often these situations pop up, but I enjoy getting to innovate solutions in unusual ways.
Tags: confessions
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