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First day of Seattle Vacation

Today is my first full day of vacation. I've already started it off by grabbing a mocha at Vivace down the street, and having brunch with susandennis at Hattie's Hat, which was very good and had a very eager and cute waiter. There were plans to go swimming with pdmorehouse and some of his friends so I grabbed some swim trunks on the way back, but the weather hasn't warmed up like yesterday so that plan is probably on hiatus. It just now (at 1:30pm) getting a little sunny but it's still very chilly for swimming.

The remaining tentative plans for the week are:

  • See a few movies at the theater (probably back-to-back). Green Lantern, Transformers, Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Kung Fu Panda 2, and maybe even Mr Popper's Penguins. I'll probably have to split these up into two days. XD
  • Take a day trip up to Vancouver to see a few sights and check out the culture.
  • Walk by the water front.
  • Catch up with anarchomo.

Beyond that I'll just:

  • Sit out on the porch.
  • Watch stuff on Netflix.
  • Grab pastries or other edibles and sit around cafes.
  • Catch up on feeds and other reading.
  • Introspect on life and figure out what I want.
  • Chat with the locals (house members).

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