Russell (zimzat) wrote,

What do you do if... (encounters)

What do you do if...
You're in a random group of people and one random person that you think is cute starts looking at you and holds your eyes when you look at them? They make no motion of a particular interest or disinterest, and there's no one and nothing behind you for them to be looking around you for.

I froze up, stared back for a few moments, then lost my nerve and started glancing away. They never looked at me again the rest of the time. I missed a fine opportunity to potentially get to know someone in person for once.

What really froze me up was how to handle the fact I have to get Ben's (Permission? Acknowledgement?), whereas I'm still used to just going with the flow of whatever happens and seems appropriate. I kind of miss those days of only last summer.
Tags: new experiences, polyamory, relationships
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