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Annoyance and clutter around the apartment

Things are getting out of hand at the apartment. There is so much stuff everywhere and a notable amount is starting to take up valuable counter, floor, and/or walkway space.

  • I'm starting to regret getting an island table for the kitchen, as it constantly sits in the middle so it takes effort to squeeze around it on one side, and the other is blocked by the trash can. It is also covered with random junk, so using it as additional productive counter space is slowly going down the drain.

  • The garage is filled with boxes and leftovers that should be trashed or at least organizes and stacked properly. Much of it is empty boxes used for moving, but properly stacked and they don't take up much room. Laying around is a spare bed, the old turtle tank, and leftovers from putting together the dinning room table and chairs.

  • The living room has a table that is always pulled very close to the sofa, so to get to my computer on the other side I always have to walk around or attempt to squeeze through it and anyone sitting on the sofa. Overall the living room is in decent shape, though.

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