Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Shopping spree; Ziplining; Dragon Age II; Dreading work

I went on a spending spree recently. A printer/scanner combo, a wireless adapter for Ben's 360, and a few other odds and ends (including a new wallet for myself; my old one was literally falling apart on the insides). I think I'm done for now, though. Time to refocus on my savings plans.

On Sunday Ben and myself went Ziplining in northern Georgia. The website said something about 3 hours, but with only two of us in the tour party (it was a very slow day for them) and two experienced guides it went by very quickly, about 1.5 hours, which is just as well because it gets hot outside fairly easily). They took a few pictures of us on the ziplines, par for the course, and I got us a flash drive of the pictures. I'll get those posted within the next few days if nothing else comes up taking my time in the evening.

I've borrowed Dragon Age II from a friend and was playing that most of the rest of the day Sunday. Ben had been playing it mostly Saturday, and it's a little frustrating at times to watch his style of play without having gone through the particular story scenarios first in my own way. I tend to be comprehensive, searching everywhere within reason for items, and taking the overall good-guy story options. Ben goes for the comedic responses, skips most of the 'investigate' questions, and misses some items in the various areas.

These last few days have left me dreading work like there is something I'm supposed to be doing but have forgotten. As far as I'm aware I haven't forgotten anything, but at the same time there feels like there is a lack of things being priortized for active work so the lack feels as if surely I must be forgetting something.
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