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Hyperactive Replacement; Work Update

I imagine that if Ben were the journaling or blogging type then he might be saying something along the line of "Help! Someone abducted my boyfriend and replaced him with a hyper-active chaotic body double!"

Since Thursday of last week I've had so much extra energy. I could easily be described as hyper last night; talking very fast, jumping around tasks, and getting very very quickly at any idle time (Phase 10 was going slow between their turns, and when we switched to Uno I was laying down cards almost as soon as theirs hit the discard pile (which made for some interest and hilarious takes on reverse-reverse-skip type situations)).

Work is... whatever. I've given up on that being interesting. It has dragged its feet for way too long. It's not even that I'm breezing through what I get, but simply that there is so little and I can only stretch that so far.
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