Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Dreams: Undead, Ghouls, Magic, oh my

Last night was a night filled with dreams of magic and the undead, even if I woke up and went back to sleep the scene just changed to something else.

A powerless human girl, a 400 year old woman who is a mage through experience (and killing someone who hunted her to gain their magic ability) and made a deal to stay alive, ghouls, dragons, a newsman in chains who reports on TV for the undead, constant dusk, dawn, or night, lots of running for her life or watching in awe as powerful magics are tossed around in college-campus-wide epic battles of undead and human mages, clocks running backwards (as reported by the newsman in chains because the undead now rule) ...

Yeah, crazy night. I'm still a little sleepy, but I give up on sleeping due to said dreams and frequently waking up to escape the dreams. This must be why I rarely dream anymore, as I'm practically writing the story of a book every time I do dream.
Tags: dreams
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