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Dragon*Con 2011: Pre-reg Day Distress

Dragon*Con is finally upon us. I took today and tomorrow off specifically for this event.

Now that the event is here, though, I find that I don't want to go. I was ready to call it quits after last year, but decided that since I know someone who is going to be there this year (Ben) that I'd go again. Except they (Ben, family, and friends) are going to be going to entirely different panels than I would be, so that's not really a plus. I'm faced with huge crowds, pathway-blocking costume picture takers, long lines for panels, crowds, and food, and to top it off this is their 25th year and they're advertising, so the crowds are going to be even larger than last year.

Practically none of the panel topics interest me enough to brave all that. They'd be nice, but that's a pretty big issue for me. It doesn't sound like fun at all. I'm tempted to just stay home and play games now. It doesn't help that events at work have me stressed to the point I just want to withdraw from everything for a while.

We'll see.
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