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Sony says you can't sue them... Next up: More security problems

In recent TechDirt news, Sony's new Terms of Service for their PlayStation Network now requires you to sign away your right to participate in a class action lawsuit, or a lawsuit of any kind, instead requiring arbitration (which 95% of rulings favor the business).

I have a simple solution to the entire problem, which doesn't include telling people what actions they can't or can take. I'll simply include in the TOS that the person agrees the lawyer(s) of any legal action, class action or otherwise, get no more than 10% of the proceeds, including any attorney's fees awarded or other exchanges given to the lawyer(s), and at least 50% of the remaining must go to a top rated charity of :)

Yes, I'll even include the emoticon for good effect.

This will self-limit any lawyers who are willing to get involved in any cases, as they won't make an arm and a leg off the company while consumers only get a dime or two.
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