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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Dreams: Future back in time, meeting the already met
Last night my brain decided to play a Star Trek: TNG's "Time's Arrow" on me. I dreamed that my future self had gone back in time to before I had met Ben, except he couldn't tell me that he already knew me when I thought we had first met. The strange part is that his family's place had a couple of security guards, although very stupid ones, and an outdoor shed with a very short flat roof (I was using it as a perch to avoid the guards, the umpteen dozen times I made too much noise). Ben used some excuse on his mom as to how he already knew me, although he didn't just then. The dream also tried to say that Ben used to sleep in a hammock back then. There were some transitory scenes between each part, but nothing particular happened in any of them.

That's about all I remember.

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