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Free at last: Work and Work and Travel

I am officially finished with the day job. I put in my notice two weeks ago and yesterday was my last day. I asked them to keep it quiet so they didn't announce it until Monday and the only real event done for it was everyone made time out of their schedule to go to one last lunch together yesterday (TGI Friday's).

There is a remote possibility that I may do some more work for them in the future, but with some fairly independence stipulations, so it's unlikely. Less hours (hourly contract work), remote work, and some other internal changes. But that's not under consideration until the end of the month, otherwise I'd say no right now.

In the mean time Darien has started ramping up a few additional contracts to start at the end of the month. I've asked for around 20-30 hours a week max there as well.

Ben and I are off to a bed and breakfast today for the rest of the week. I was thinking about visiting andrewshead next weekend but it'll be a bit expensive, is a bit impromptu, and he won't have room for us so the cost of the trip would more than double with a hotel room. The downtime to relax at home, and being home to play video and computer games, will be good. We'll just have to schedule some time around the season to get snowed in in DC. ;)
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