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ifttt: A neat concept, yet poorly delivered

IFTTT (IF This Then That) is a neat concept, yet lacks refinement and there appears to be no log or blog detailing development, new features, or anything (I tried looking at their twitter feed, but almost all the tweets are "@so-and-so Great Idea! We'll add it to the list of features to consider" or "@so-and-so Sorry you feel that way. Contact our support department."). They have dozens of trigger and action channels (too many? too broad?) yet some of the most basic components lack options to fine-tune how they work (Ability to exclude feed articles based on keyword, ability to send only plain-text email via GMail, for example).

As a programmer I could easily write these sorts of connections and have way more options, especially with Zend Framework's Services adapters. Give me a RSS/Atom feed reader for incoming data, a cronjob, and a web service to call and - boom - connection made.

PS: I hate SOAP. Nuff said.
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