Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Change of Pace: Consolidating banks

While I worked at my last job they had a Wells Fargo ATM in their lobby. The cafeteria only took cash or check (really?) so I had to get cash out of it on a fairly frequent occasion. My only bank account at the time was through Chase (formerly Washington Mutual, RIP) so I was getting charged a fee. To get around that I got an account at Wells Fargo (there was a branch just up the street from the office) and had a few hundred of my paycheck redirected to it. Now I have two banks, each with their own savings and checking account and both with notable balances.

Now that I don't work there anymore I'm considering consolidating my accounts. Since I'm doing that I may as well switch my primary as well, but the problem is deciding where to go instead. Given the bank movement lately it should probably be a credit union. I have little knowledge of credit unions around here, but the critical issue will be that I'm still planning on moving to Seattle come March/May next year. Ideally they'd need ATM network access, online banking, mobile/online deposit, and a few other features. Mint probably has a few suggestions on banks I could switch to, and I've been using Find A Better Bank to compare features, including online-only banks.

Does anyone have any recommendations for credit unions or online-only banks that weren't bailed out? (Ally sounded nice, but they're just a front for/rename of GMAC, which was bailed out)
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