Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Two Bills to Watch: SOPA/PROTECT-IP & MICA

SOPA/PROTECT-IP will fundamentally change the way we use the internet. No more YouTube, Facebook, LiveJournal, Etsy, forums, Stack Overflow, etc. A single accusation (yes, accusation, not conviction) of copyright infringement would take down an entire site or, even worse, cut off all payments to the website. One person commenting on your blog with infringing content (just a link! or a link that contains a link!) could take down your entire blog. The cost of getting into business would be astronomical, and the cost of staying in business would be insane. The legacy music/movie/etc industries would have you believe otherwise, but that's simply because it takes any burden off them and puts it squarely on anyone else.

MICA stands for "Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011". Don't be fooled by the 'Informational' part of the bill: this bill will allow anyone to robo-dial your cellphone and rack up your minutes just to randomly advertise to you. Currently businesses that do business with you are allowed to call you, as well as a few other exceptions. This bill would allow businesses you've never heard of to randomly call you up. The main incentive for politicians, beyond the lobbyists behind the bill, is it would also allow them to robo-dial you during elections or for any other political issue they want to push.
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