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Lessons in selling your car

Definitely screwed myself over on that one.

I sold my last car at the end of March of 2010. I didn't get around to canceling the insurance until the end of September 2010. Geico has said they could refund the period in which I didn't have the car if I could provide a bill of sale or something. I thought great, because that's exactly what I have. Just today I finally got around to trying to scan/fax/whatever the documents to them. Upon writing the cover letter for fax I realized I didn't have the official bill of sale; only a handwritten note for release of liability / sale. The official bill of sale I had been keeping with that handwritten note was the original bill of sale for when I purchased the vehicle a year before. I'm going to send just the handwritten note and hope that is sufficient, but if not then I'll just have to write off the entire experience and do it right next time.

Lessons for selling your vehicle:

  • Keep a copy of the bill of sale.
  • Take the tag(s) off the vehicle. It's their problem to get new tags on a vehicle without tags (I've had to do it too).
  • Cancel the insurance ASAP, not six months later.

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