Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Las Vegas Bound: January 18-25 2012

I'll be Las Vegas bound next month, arriving on the afternoon of the 18th and leaving very late on the 25th. The plan so far is to stay with Asa and Jeni until the PolyVegas game night on the 21st, then transfer to the Luxor for the remaining time. There will be one night I won't be staying anywhere (plan is to stay at game night pretty much all night, heh), and then I'll need to check out of the hotel before noon on the day I actually leave, so about 12 hours until my flight actually leaves. I'll get back to Atlanta very early Thursday, the 26th.

The only three things I have planned while I'm in Las Vegas is to hang out with Asa & Jeni, go to game night, and visit Town Square at some point (possibly multiple times). I may look into a show, or taking a trip over to Los Angeles (any takers for a place to stay if I did?). If anyone wants to meet up while I'm in the area just let me know and we'll work something out. :)
Tags: travel, vacation
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