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Thoughts on the ending of Star Trek: Voyager

The ending of Star Trek: Voyager is rather sad. Throughout most of the season Janeway tries so hard to sacrifice herself to save the rest of the crew, whether it be one person, a group of people, or the entire ship. They do a valiant effort to stop her whenever it cropped up, but then at the very end she outdoes all of them. It's a half-decent compromise, where she still lives a mostly full life, but ultimately they make it sound like she must still sacrifice herself eventually to save the crew.

In the end she goes back in time to mess up the Borg queen, getting the rest of the crew home safely. In one theory of time mechanics that means she must, once she gets to the right age/etc, travel back in time again in order to maintain the new timeline. The way I see time is that both versions happened, although no one in the second version remembers the previous version of events happening. Thus no paradox exists, and no need for Janeway to sacrifice herself again.
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