Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Perfect Timing: Phone Death

This morning (it's still morning here; only 10am so far) my phone decided to die an inexplicable and instant death. I open an app it just turns off. I turn it back on, go to open the maps, and it turns off. I tried reseating the SD card (that worked last time something like this happened), even taking it out completely, to no difference.

On a hunch I pulled out my netbook, put it in sleep mode so it would still release a charge via USB, and now the phone stays on without a problem, with the SD card in. I'm now carrying my backpack with a wire hanging out just to keep my phone on.

First stop today is now a cellphone store to see about a replacement battery. Then food, wandering around, hanging out with philmach, then who knows what. I've been invited by Jeni to go with them to a role-playing event with them that they even have a guest character already planned out, so I may do that. We'll see.

Tags: phone
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