Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Las Vegas Progress Update: Batteries & friends

Yesterday I had a fun time running around with a cable from my netbook in my backpack hooked to my phone in my jacket pocket to keep it on. I managed to find a place with a replacement battery, recommended by divaprime, that seems to be holding out for now. It stayed on, kept a reasonable charge, and decreased at a half-reasonable rate. I killed it completely last night so now it's on the charger and today will be the big day to find out if it really is the battery that went dead.

After that fiasco I wandered the Bellagio and Planet Hollywood before meeting up with philmach at Todd English P.U.B. for a small bite to eat and a few drinks. It was good to catch up with him again, and a complete surprise that we were both in Las Vegas at the same time. We may try doing it again today if we have time, or just catching up again when I get back up to the DC area later this year.

Today I'm going to do lunch with divaprime, then dinner with Asa, Jeni, and the old gang at In N Out. We'll probably come back to their place and play Five Crowns, Sorry Revenge, and/or something else.

I don't have any big plans during the day for tomorrow, but definitely looking forward to the big game night and checking into the Luxor on Sunday. The latter will make wandering the strip and seeing the Bellagio water show, which I have yet to do, easier.
Tags: friends, gaming, phone
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