Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Las Vegas Vacation: The Strip; Bellagio Fountains; Kitchen Nightmares

This Las Vegas trip has felt like I've been here for closer to two weeks, and without a strong feeling of ready to go back home already. If I were here longer I might make it as far up as Fremont Street, start exploring a couple of the other shows I haven't seen yet (I'm okay with not seeing them, though), or going off strip.

I took Sunday off to just recoup by myself. I didn't make it through the day to 3pm checkin or even 9am early checkin. Everyone left relatively early on game night and I couldn't bring myself to nap at the restaurant so I finally just walked to the bus terminal and made my way to Luxor. I've walked from Luxor up as far as the Fashion Show mall, or taken the bus down to Town Square, several times since Sunday. I've purchased very little other than food and drink so far; not that I haven't been trying! I've been keeping an eye out for shoes and a few other things, but nothing that suites my very picky tastes so far.

I'm less than 11 hours until my return flight and I still haven't seen the Bellagio Fountains. I've walked by them several times early on in the day while they weren't running, it was freezing cold outside on Monday night, and I had other plans on Tuesday evening. My plans for this evening turned contagious so I'm on my own; hopefully this will provide ample time and excuse to make it up there again while it's dark. I don't have to be at the airport until ~ 9pm Pacific.

Recently I've been watching a lot of Kitchen Nightmare with Gorden Ramsey and Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvin, which seems to have made me very critical of restaurant issues. Today at Claim Jumper they waited until I was getting my food to say they didn't have any mashed potatoes (yet French Fries and Baked Potato were potential replacements), and when I got fruit medley it had a couple pieces of cooked turkey (or chicken) in it. I left a note on the back of my receipt with my comments regarding the service.
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