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In my head I'm already in Seattle

But I still need to get there.

The move to Seattle is less than two months away. The largest items, like the bed, will probably be sold, given away, or trashed. The motorcycle will be sold and I'll get a scooter once I get there. Everything else will be packed into a U-Haul U-Box container and shipped across the country. This will give me a chance to go through things and trim down or organize things I don't need anymore.

I'll still need to look for a place to stay. I won't start looking until the beginning of May, though. I'm going to give a ping out to pdmorehouse and housemates to see how things are going in their house, but chances are I'll probably get a place of my own somewhere in the same area. I'm aiming to land very close to the Capital Hill area, within easy walking distance of a grocery store and what-not.

I need to buckle down on freelance projects in an attempt to get a little more savings under my belt for the move. I could do it right this moment, but it would cut even more into my emergency savings beyond the medical emergency limit so I'm reluctant to do that. Unfortunately I won't be recovering any back rent the other roommate owes so that's a permanent loss on my bottom line of about 1,200$. I should have caught that sooner but I didn't and she's be told to get her stuff out by the end of the week (she has had the last 3 weeks as warning).
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