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Seattle, Here I Come: May 8th/11th

Less than three weeks away, oh my.

I received word from pdmorehouse and friends that I can stay at their place while looking for a permanent residence. It should only be a few weeks as the listings for studio and 1 bedroom apartments are plentiful on Craigslist. I may also look into room shares if anything in that manner catches my eye. I'm hoping to find something with a small balcony or otherwise nice view, within easy walking distance of a grocery store, etc.

I've already scheduled a moving box, address forwarding, and plane tickets. Now I need to get a few things listed on Craigslist (motorcycle, folding bike, desk), the sooner the better, and then take care of a few other miscellaneous things. During the last week the only things left will be packing, cleaning, and turning in the keys.
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