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Taking care of business; Not much left to do but wait

The motorcycle and folding bicycle have been sold. Less than I listed them for, but more than I had ultimately expected, so I'm okay. Between the two I'll be able to pay a couple of months of rent and maybe the security deposit for a place in Seattle, which means I won't have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a while. Monday or Tuesday next week I want to turn in the license plate so I can cancel the insurance for the motorcycle (Yes! I remembered to take it off this time! haha).

Earlier this week I scheduled disconnect dates for the gas, electric, and internet. The water, sewage, and garbage are through the community so I'll just handle that when I turn in the keys/etc on the 11th. There are a couple of games I've been paying for yet not playing so I'm getting those off my plate as well.

I don't have anything left to do between now and the 7th or 8th now. While I'd like to get rid of the other computer desk, I can just compact it all the way down and take it with me (or trash it).

One of my new goals once I get to Seattle is to start cooking for myself on a regular basis. A few times a week, at least. This will also include cooking for others occasionally; a bribe to play card, board, or video games before and/or after.
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