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Rippling Effects: Re-evaluating Stuff

My brain is swimming with thought, and opinion. I've read quite a few articles this evening that have jumbled everything into one massive bundle of nerves that want to go in every direction at once. In a way this move to Seattle is having some major rippling effects on my life. I've begun to evaluate, or re-evaluate, many things in my life that have occurred or accumulated without being fully considered.

One such thing is the accumulation of stuff in my life.

My physical affects tend to stay minimized or are otherwise regularly culled to only that which is necessary or likely to be used. I could easily fit all my stuff in a studio apartment or just a master bedroom yet I have always had large living areas and lots of empty space. One of the things I'm going to do once I get to Seattle is focus only on what I actually need in terms of living area. This means I will probably be getting a studio or one bedroom apartment (preferably the latter so I can easily accommodate having couchsurfing guests again) with a relatively small kitchen but a large enough living or dining room to host guests. I'm going to start inviting people over for games, and possibly food, on a regular basis.

On the other hand, my electronic life has only accumulated more and more stuff while lacking major organization and little to no archiving of the past. I don't hold on to the past, hoping it will come back, yet it just hovers around because I've never explicitly dismissed it. Old acquaintances, a bloated IM contact list, and various contacts which appear and disappear without making a personal connection. For this I need to re-evaluate my relationship with a great number of people and decide if it's time to let them disappear into obscurity, whether by removing them or placing them on an archive list, or rekindle the connection.

A great deal of information has also accumulated in this way. Ideas for games, contact information, contract notes, various documents, downloads, etc. The first priority for this will be to synchronize it between various computers and old backups. The second will be to organize related information. The last will be to re-backup and archive the items that will no longer be needed. I will want some way to quickly search everything, though, and I'd like a way to visualize the relation of the information. This is also one of my many to-do personal projects.

There are more things that are changing to quantify, but they can wait for another entry another day.
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