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Customer Frustrations: Comcast Disconnect Wringer

This morning I had to call Comcast to figure out what's going on with the bill for my soon-to-be-disconnected service. Ultimately I called three times and talked to four different people just to get things worked out.

On April 21st I disconnected the TV service yet left the Internet service alone. On the 23rd I called back to schedule a disconnect of the Cable Internet for after the 11th of May, to which I was put on hold for 10-15 minutes and then told it would be disconnected on the 15th of May. Fine, whatever. We returned the TV boxes on the 25th of April. On the 28th of April a bill was printed out correctly showing the disconnect of the TV service. Otherwise, it showed still being billed for the TV boxes and being billed all the way into June.

I called them today, the 3rd of May, to inquire about the bill and was told there was no note regarding a schedule of a disconnect at all and I would have to talk to the department that handled cancellations to handle any of it. The lady attempted to forward me, yet it disconnected after a minute on hold. I received the customer service callback even while I was still on hold.

I called back again, this time navigating the tree directly to the cancellation department. After going through the entire scenario again it was confirmed that a disconnect hadn't been scheduled and it would be scheduled for the 11th now. He also said he would call up the return center for me and take care of the cable boxes being improperly marked as not returned. In order to find out how much the new bill would actually be for I would have to get back in touch with the billing department, to which he (successfully!) transferred me to. Once again the customer service survey called while still on hold so once again I missed it.

Back at the billing department I explained the entire situation, again. I was then told that he would take care of the missing boxes right then and there, but I would still be charged the difference between the day the service was canceled and the day the boxes were returned, even though originally the lady I disconnected the TV service with said I had 7 days to return them. He informed me that the Internet service disconnect really had been scheduled for the 15th and obviously I've been fed some misinformation, but he would go ahead and reschedule it for the 11th. He then told me that I would have to wait until the account was closed, and up to 48 hours after, before I could learn the final bill of the account. We went back and forth probably half a dozen times on why he couldn't tell me what the system would bill me for, even to the point of me asking why he couldn't pick up a calculator and figure out the daily amount vs number of remaining billing days, etc. Finally he said that I would have a negative (money refunded) balance of 4$ and some change. Fine, thank you, that's all I needed to know.

A few minutes later I called back to the billing department, one last time, to ask a quick question to confirm they really were going to charge for the 3-4 days between service disconnect and box return. To which the lady basically said "Yes", double confirmed, and I said "Thanks, that's all I needed to know.". I tried to do the customer service survey but it fizzled out and just forwarded me on.
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