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The end is in sight, but I'm out of steam (and food!)

I've managed to get everything that I want to take with me packed into the storage container. It was "only" 7am by the time I got down. I was sore, and physically fatigued, but I wasn't sleepy. I tried to soak in a hot bath, but failed to get a sufficiently hot temperature at first. I did eventually start to nod off so I decided it was time to pull out the emergency blankets, made a pillow out of a spare towel, and slept for a few hours in the closet. Yes, the closet. It's the only place other than the bathrooms (with tile floors!) that can block a sufficient amount of light to let me sleep. It was also warmer than most other parts of the apartment too.

Today... I'm being lazy. I'm just so mentally tired and physically spent. But, I have no food left in the apartment so soon I will have to wander out and find a place to eat eventually. I've finally placed the ad for someone to take the washer and dryer off my hands and have already gotten a few leads, but nothing solid yet (waiting for one of their spouses to get off work first). I've also made an appointment with a junk removal service to take the excess boxes, computer desk, chairs, and ton of household garbage off my hands.

Speaking of eating, one of the strange things I noticed while packing and moving everything around is that I was constantly hungry. I would want to stop for a quick bite or two between every other activity. The more effort I put in the more I wanted to eat something. Sometimes I made do with a glass of water (I have no more glasses, by the way; I did pick up some disposable plates and utensils) or a muffin, but others I would eat a plate of leftovers or a grain bar.
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