Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Housing Search: Day 1

The first day of searching for a place near the north end of Capitol Hill is coming to an end. There haven't been any major updates for about 6 hours now. As my search starts I'm being very picky about what I'm looking for. I'd like a 1 bedroom unit with about 400/sq.ft. within quarter of a mile walking distance of the QFC (grocery store) for about or less than 800$/month. So far most of the units are running toward the 900$/month or more range (emphasis on "or more"). I could, in theory, do 900$ but that's pushing it and doesn't include utilities.

There are a couple of places toward the north end of where I'm looking that are around 825$/month + 50$/month for water/sewage/garbage. They're reasonably sized and well located, but not available until June 4th.

Unless I'm willing to breach my upper monetary limit by a major amount, or leave my targeted area, that's all that's available right now. I'm hoping more will become available over the next few days. Tomorrow or Monday I'm going to do more walking around and calling up places with "For Rent" signs that don't list a website or price. There were a few I saw today just walking around too.
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