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Housing Search: Day 5

The housing search goes poorly. Sure, if I raised my monthly rent to 950 I could find somewhere very quickly and easily, but then I'd probably have to get a 9-5 40 hour a week desk job again. I'm avoiding that possibility like the plague. Instead I'm lowering the requirement of a 1 bedroom to also include studios, filtering down to a maximum of 850$/month, and increasing the range of my search area to include slightly more remote yet still feasible places in the Capitol Hill area. Instead of a 3-4 minute walk to the store it might be a 5-10 minute walk (... just realized that 10 minute walk is still a little long... we'll see). I've got a few places open in tabs now to call once I'm done with my lunch meetup plans.

I also need to get an Orca card for the public transit system while I'm in the downtown area. I like the idea of using 1$ coins to pay for fair, but the fare is an uneven 25¢ so I'd also have to carry around quarters. If they're going to provide a convenient value card that also automatically handles transfers and works on several of the area systems, then why not.
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