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NTS: Don't visit Georgia again (Jury Summons)

I'll need to keep in mind to never visit Georgia again. I got a Jury Summons, for a stand-by jurist, the day before I left. Obviously I don't live in Georgia anymore so that should be the end of this, but they won't accept anything less than an out-of-state lease or utility bill, so I'm screwed until I do get a place of my own. Unless they want to pay for a round-trip flight and hotel just in case I do get called in in a month from now then they're just going to have to hold me in contempt of court and I'll need to stay out of Georgia until I can furnish the proof they require. It should only be a couple more weeks, hopefully, but we'll see.

I would have loved to do my civic duty by participating in a jury but they have rotten timing.
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