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Seattle Housing Wanted Ad / Response

Within 2/5 of a mile, or 4-6 blocks or 5-6 minute walk, of the QFC on Broadway and Harrison / Republican on Capitol Hill. This location is ideal due to the short walk to the 24-hour grocery store, several bus lines to get downtown and elsewhere, and quick access to ZipCars.

I am looking for a bedroom that can comfortably fit a queen size bed, small computer desk, a few shelves (or a modest closet), and still leave plenty of room for walking around. Ideally this would be at least a 12x12 area, and can be elongated instead. I would like a common room to entertain a few friends from time to time, and can provide a decent sized dining room table if there is room. I plan on making use of the kitchen appliances to cook the occasional meal for just myself or also for friends. I'm willing to negotiate communal meals. A balcony or patio would be a huge bonus.

I am a 25 year old gay male introvert computer geek who has just moved from Atlanta. I like to play video, board, & card games and occasionally have friends over for food and/or games. I prefer to keep things relatively clean and in proper order. I am not a bar or club enthusiast; I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I'm typically very quiet, focused, and will keep to myself most of the time but don't mind socializing occasionally. At heart I'm a nudist but will put cloths on when around people. In the past I've hosted couchsurfers and wouldn't mind doing so again in the future.

I work in web application development as a freelance contractor. I primarily work from home, although I may wander out to cafes and coffee shops from time to time. The work schedule is very flexible, sometimes working during the day, throughout the night, or over the weekend depending on my schedule, mood, and the demand.

I'm willing to put around 500-700$ toward a room, or up to 900$ for a single bedroom apartment. In a given month I may make anywhere from 1000$ to 4000$ depending on the demand. I keep savings on hand at all times to smooth over the differences month to month and have a small retirement account to fall back on in case of emergencies. I have no credit cards or loans, thus no credit (good or bad), and pay for everything by debit/check or cash. I can provide references and have an excellent rental history.

I have a soft deadline to be moved in by the first week or so of June, but the sooner the better. I'm currently staying with a few friends on the hill. My storage container has already arrived in Seattle and is sitting at a warehouse until requested.
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