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It's official: Becoming a Seattle resident

I think it's safe to say this now. I didn't want to get any hopes up before the legal papers were signed, so I've been a bit anxious about this for the past couple of days. I have now taken my first step to becoming a bonafide Seattle resident.

I have signed the lease on a 1 bedroom apartment just two buildings north of the location I already find desirable and the move-in date is June 1st. It's a little bigger than I need and for a little more than I wanted to pay per month, but the relative price is quite reasonable and the location is excellent. It's on the fourth floor (the bottom is tenant parking), but not too bad.

I'll see if I can recruit a few people to help bring things up from the moving container in exchange for food and games. In the mean time I'll need to schedule the delivery of the storage container itself, and utilities.
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