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The Unforgivable Roommate Sin

This morning I accidentally committed the unforgivable roommate sin: Leaving your alarm on while you're not there; also known as forgetting to take my phone with me. Honestly I didn't even realize I had enabled the alarm yesterday when I was showing off the alarm sound.

But sure enough, half way into my shower as I was soaping up I started hearing a very repetitive and annoying sound. I stopped for a moment, listened, and there was my rooster crowing at precise intervals from the other room. I hurried up and finished soaping, rinsed off really fast, and dried, then wrapped the towel around and dashed for the room to shut it up. It had already been going off for five minutes by the time I got it, and I was not the only person around who heard it.

Oye. Let that be a reminder to myself: always take my phone with me. I do try, but very rarely I'll leave it behind. Usually with no consequence, but not today. XD
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