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The power to customize: Any programmers dream

This is why I like programming: If it doesn't do what you want then just hack it to.

My web-based feed reader is outdated by many versions, but it's not publicly accessible so I'm not terribly concerned. It's not going in the direction of things I'd want anyway, so the crude mobile-based interface works pretty well for me both on desktop and laptop (and it avoids the 150+ queries per request the desktop version would be doing).

I have a number of hedonism feeds, and mark the pictures I like. I do like to 'review' them from time to time so I hacked a special feed list into the mobile interface that shows only starred hedonism items, and just now made it so it shows them in random order. It's quite nice.

Then I started working on a bookmarklet that would automatically page through them on a timer. I added image resizing so it always scales images up to the full size of the window, changes the background to black, and even paged multiple images when there are more than one in feed item. Finally I dropped that code into the feed reader's JavaScript, added a few keyboard shortcuts to enable, pause/play, disable, or customize the change delay. Essentially I made my own image slideshow functionality and slid it into my feed reader.

I love the power to customize.
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