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Contingency Planning: Going Blind

It's probably not a bad idea to give some thought to contingency planning for even those remote yet terrible possibilities, like going blind.

Given that my primary trade pretty much requires having eyesight, going totally blind would be an absolute disaster. At the very least I would need someone who could still see to set things up so I could still use my own computer, but it goes beyond that. I still need to eat, obtain groceries and food, and possibly even still be social. I would also want to minimize any difficult to navigate aspects like stairs so an apartment on the fourth floor without an elevator is out.

The first thing I would probably do is move in with someone I knew, like one of my siblings. Preferably my brother so he could help set up the computer aspect of things, but possibly someone else. The second thing would be to negotiate delivery of groceries and other common items like toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. At that point I would more than likely hole up by myself, listen to audio books, do speech-to-text writing, and maybe even continue programming. I'm not sure what career choices a blind person has, but I'll cross that bridge if I have to.

I also have a contingency plan for an incurable disease. Not so much for losing my hands, but at least losing my feet would mostly just require logistic adjustment rather than a complete change.

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