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Talk of hating something just makes it more popular

Yeah, Backstreet Boys came on and I'm not skipping it. So sue me.

Right now there's something soothing about the music in my old collection versus whatever plays on Pandora and Spotify. It's not really nostalgic, but it is familiar and seems to be helping my mood. I'll take it.

It seems like with each new thing that some segment of the population dislikes the intensity of their hate grows. Backstreet Boys & N*Sync back in the day, whatever a while back, and lately a certain very young and effeminate male singer or sparkly vampires. No one seems to realize that the more they publicize their hate of something the more widespread it becomes, strengthening a feedback loop putting it back in their face to continue hating. I wouldn't be surprised if the statistics certain businesses use to say people like something is based largely off how much people talk about it while saying they hate it. In that way each person who talks about hating something just encourages it to continue rather than die a quiet death. It'll never go away the more you talk about it.

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