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The Bullet Points of TMI: Interests & Pr0n

  • Ever since I started dating Brian I've noticed my interest in guys has also started becoming more inclusive of the twink definition (again). A little.
    • He's something of a twink (currently), although he has the potential for a little more hair within a few years. I like him anyway.
    • I thought I had "outgrown" my interest in smooth skinny young-looking guys since I had gotten older.
      • I theorize that older guys who exclusively seek out extremely young looking guys have missed some sort of psychological phase that most people hit naturally as they age.
    • I'm still a huge fan of furry (hairy) guys. Properly trimmed chest hair is quite nice.
  • I've encountered a lot of porn where it reminds me of someone I've known in person in the past. Hot, but unfortunately straight.
    • Last I heard, anyway. Developers, and geeks/nerds in general, are such a private lot that finding out anything about their personal life is unlikely.
    • I'm a little tempted to make a list of "this picture reminds me of so-and-so". A little.
  • Have you ever noticed how porn which calls itself "hairy" is more often than not including a bald guy? Not my cup of tea.
    • Speaking of porn, what is with the seemingly recent trend for bait and switch of video previews? The thumbnail is often the type of guy you want to see, but as soon as they start showing the other performer(s) they're of the complete opposite type and unattractive. Or, at least in my opinion.
    • XTube has gotten practically worthless for just trying to jerk off without draining your wallet.
      • A third of the videos are xtube sponsered videos.
      • Another third are "amateur" videos, meaning requiring payment just to watch once.
      • Most of the remaining videos are kink-specific, grotesque, or of terrible quality.
    • A lot of galleries now include random videos with women in them. I guess the concept of "gay" has been lost on the porn industry.
      • This is especially true if you try looking for 'redhead' or 'ginger'.
    • I dislike pictures that have been heavily color modified (black & white, sepia, etc). They're just not that attractive.
    • I also dislike the short animated GIFs. They're often jerky (no pun intended) and poorly looped.
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