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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Sleep or awake? Neither
Over the past couple of weeks I've had a surprisingly hard time sleeping and waking up. By the time it gets late at night I'll start getting a little tired, but not to the point where I want to sleep. Eventually I'll call it a night and very quickly fall asleep. At this point I'll sleep for about four hours, wake up a decent amount, and can get a few things done. Within a couple of hours I'll start getting sleepy again, and my thoughts start getting hazy, so I'll lay back down expecting another four hours of sleep (another sleep cycle).

Except, I'll repeatedly wake up every few minutes (15-45), have my thoughts be even more hazy and hard to control than before, and just fall right back asleep. This continues to happen for about what the sleep cycle should have been, maybe less, and then I can finally fight to stay awake and get moving. By this time it's usually noon or 1pm.

I'm starting to suspect I'm not staying awake long enough to justify going to sleep to begin with (my sleep schedule is all over the place, so some days may see notably more or less awake time than others, or may feature a nap), or something is seriously screwed up with my body. I'm hoping not the latter, as then I may need to see a doctor. I've already tried one over the counter sleep aid and despite my expectations it only made it even harder to wake up for longer (medication effects tend to last longer than expected on me). I'm considering trying a different one with a different active ingredient. Or it could be that I've had so much caffeine lately that it has screwed up my body's ability to sleep a full night; I have been drinking a lot of soda and, up until last week, a surprising amount of mochas.

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marklevoyageur From: marklevoyageur Date: August 7th, 2012 08:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
more sexercise, right before bedtime ;-), oh and maybe some Melatonin
zimzat From: zimzat Date: August 7th, 2012 08:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
I would not object to more sexercise! Just gotta get Brian over here more often than once a week to do that. >_>

I'll see if I can find a source of Melatonin next time I'm at the store. Which may be very shortly; as soon as I grab a shower. Thanks.
marklevoyageur From: marklevoyageur Date: August 7th, 2012 10:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
For me, Melatonin kicks in about 1/2 hour after taking and provides a deep sleep for 6-8 hours.
zimzat From: zimzat Date: August 7th, 2012 11:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Excellent. I picked up some "Natural Nights" from the store which contains 2.5mg of Melatonin, 10mg of Vitamin B6, and 60mg of Calcium. I looked up the 'recommended' dosage of Melatonin on WebMD and it recommended 0.5 - 5mg for insomnia, so this is about half that maximum.

I'll probably get 6-8 hours of sleep with one tab, and two would probably knock me out for 10-12. o.o
zimzat From: zimzat Date: August 8th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yesterday I was awake until about 5am. I took one tab of the Melatonin then went to bed about 15-20 minutes later. I was already getting pretty tired, although not quite to the 'hazy thoughts' point.

I slept until about 9:30 when I woke up having to pee really really badly. I went to the restroom, then realized I wasn't sleepy again. I stayed up for about an hour before deciding to lay back down for a bit. I couldn't really sleep, although I did doze on and off for about an hour before deciding to get up as I wasn't really sleepy and my thoughts weren't really fuzzy.

Other than a concerning (personal drama) dream, I'd consider that a success. As long as the dreams don't keep happening I'll give the Melatonin a few days then I'll do without them, hoping that my sleep pattern has settled back down.

Thanks for the tip. Even if this would've happened anyway I doubt the Melatonin would've hurt, so either way I'll consider it a success.
marklevoyageur From: marklevoyageur Date: August 9th, 2012 08:48 am (UTC) (Link)
It does stimulate the dream experience. Also I suppose it works best if you try to sleep about the same time each day. Like most things, individual responses will vary.
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