Russell (zimzat) wrote,

New pool, new instructor, new schedule

I made a trip to a slightly closer pool for a noon aqua aerobics class today. I got there in plenty of time, and even ran into susandennis half a minute after I got there.

This pool was very different from the other one in several ways, including the locker & shower rooms and the pool setup. I wished they had benches right next to the lockers along with a backpack hook, but I made it work (and used a locker for once).

And of course the instructor was different. In fact, it was a guy for once and a very cute one at that. It was so amusing, it looked like he had a 'package adjustment' issue every other exercise. I'm going to pretend there's some meaning to that, though probably not.

I got several cramps throughout the exercises. It could be the slightly cooler water, but it's probably an indicator I need to exercise more. I'm going to go back Thursday, and probably Saturday to the other pool this week as well. The Saturday one is so early, though, that I feel like I can't do much Friday night. I doubt I'll stick with that one past Susan's hiatus. Plus, eye candy.
Tags: exercising, guys, swimming
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